Chance Mutuku - The Athlete, The Artist, The Thinker, The Figure


Profile*  (1996 - 0.00.0 )

Chance Mutuku is a creative entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer based in St. Catharines, Ontario - sometimes working in Kitchener / Waterloo as well. He is a visual & Installation Artist, Inventor, DJ and founder of BBBBLANC* - a forward thinking creative agency and Kabaka Concept*, a socially concious fashion brand. Mutuku’s wide variety of skillset enables him to extend his creative influence across multiple disciplines including - but not limited to: graphic & industrial design, idea development, visual aesthetics, branding & identity, art direction, creative consultation, fashion - to name but a few. Mutuku’s creative endeavors aim to reinterpret traditional practice and redefine it - in contexts relevant current culture.

In the same discipline, he is also a High-performance Athlete. With the past to learn from and a bright future in mind, Mutuku approaches each day as an opportunity to contribute to the world using his unique skillset, brilliance, and creative-esteem.

Think. Grow.


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