Chance Mutuku - The Athlete, The Artist, The Thinker, The Figure


                    “THE ATHLETE”

Chance Mutuku, did not just appear in local sports overnight. His development as an all-around athlete - is a result of many years of intense training and experience. He has participated in over a dozen different sports including: track & field, , volleyball , rugby, soccer and even football - all in which he has been quickly-recognized for his unique athletic ability and evident leadership.

Despite his success in these sports, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling is one that has stood out among the rest. With just a few years of experience in this sport he has continuously progressed - even earning a spot on the Canadian National team. Thus making him one of the promising young athletes emerging in Canadian wrestling and pushing farther forward onto the international stage.


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His Athletic awards and honors include:

Cadet-juvenile Provincial Bronze Medalist (2011)

Two-time High School Wrestling MVP (2012-2013; 2013-2014)

OFSAA Team Silver Medalist (2012)

Cadet-juvenile FILA National Champion (2012,63kg)

Cadet World Championships (2012,63kg)

Cadet National Team Member (2013)

2x WCSAA region Champion (2013,64kg; 2014,69.5kg)

 2x CWOSAA Area Champion (2013,64kg; 2014,69.5kg)

OFSAA Champion (2013,64kg)

OFSAA Champion (2014,69.5kg)

Undefeated in two High School Senior Years (30:0)

Juvenile Provincial Bronze Medalist (2014,69kg)

Juvenile National Bronze Medalist (2014,69kg)

Junior Provincial Bronze Medalist (2015,74kg)

Junior Provincial Champion  (2016,74kg)

Junior National Silver Medalist (2015,2016. 74kg)

Junior National Team Member (2015,2016)

OUA Champion (2016, 76 Kg)

CIS Bronze Medalist (2016. 76 Kg)

- Top Eight finish at Rusu ,Popovici, Berceneau, lorga International Tournament, Romania (Bucharest,2015)

- Bronze medalist at Jobenes Promesas International Tournament, Spain (Murcia,2015)

- Silver medalist at Sassari International Tournament, Italy (Sassari, 2015)

... And More to Come

Additional Athletic Achievements:

Two time - WCEAA Regional Volleyball Champion (2008,2009)

Pre-Secondary Athlete of the year (2010)

Overall Track and Field athletic Award (2010)

Two time- Jr. Boys Volleyball MVP (2011,2012)

High School Junior Athlete Of The Year (2011)

Men's soccer District 8 champion (2013)

Men's soccer CWOSAA Champion (2013)

Two Time -Senior Football Coach's award (2012,2013)

Tri-Cities Sports Achievement Award Winner (2013)

Senior High School Athlete Of The Year (2014)

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