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Iron Sharpens Iron just as Collaboration yields the best results.

There is a fine line between being an athlete and a creative. Overtime I’ve come to realize that in both worlds there are so many parallels, one of them being the idea of Team* In the sport of wrestling your training partners are like your guardian angels on and off the mat - just as much as your creative collaborators are in and outside the studio. They are there with/ for you day in and day out. They help you become a better person in all aspects by helping you fine tune those minuscule details which you’d other wise Miss if you were to work on your own. They become your family - keeping it 100% at all times to help you put out the best work and performances. A Yin and yang type of wave.

So here’s to our teammates and collaborators. Thank you! Often gone without recognition, but they remain a pivotal part of the Process*

Let’s keep encouraging each other in collaboration. Let’s keep Creating as Iron Sharpens Iron*





Pick it up with all yo' strength
Enjoy the ride dispite the weight
Some will Laugh and Sum will hate
A’times you’ll win, and at times you’ll learn
But Love sees, she lights the way
So do yo’ thing Homie
Carrying yo cross

The journey Winds, far and wide
But don't trip homie, keep yo stride
And if you fall
Get up-no stress
Trusting Love with every step
So Journey on
Carrying yo Cross





We are One.
France proceeds as the World Cup Champions.

As a Soccer/Football Lover, predominantly - my eyes had been glued to the action on the field. Although as a creative, there came a point where I began to shift my focus to the roaring crowd.

Arranged like an expressionist artist’s colour pallet, it is amazing to see so many shades of ethnicity, cultures, nationalities and races - all coming together to celebrate the Spirit of Sport. As an athlete - the goal is and will always be to perform to my very best of abilities. But more importantly - the process of being an athlete is what still intrigues me about sport and it’s power to connect people. Truly the reason, I enjoy this lifestyle.

For 32 days, in stadiums, malls, bars, cafés and living rooms across the world millions of people set their “differences” aside to come together in celebration humanity and all cheering in one voice. We Are One.

Moving forward, it take four more years until the next World Cup although we shouldn’t sit idle. Let’s keep creating more opportunities like this, especially in our own communities living, loving, uplifting, empowering - each other and bringing people together in one spirit.

We Are One.






Take Yo Time

In this day and age of faster, bigger and stronger
You try and try - Day by day
The constructed illusions become more vivid
The more the better, so they say
At times it’s easy to get lost
Warped in Space and feel confined
but Take Yo Time

Don't stress with fears
Don’t worry, that’s pain
For  you will lose your mind homie
So loosen up and slow down
Reflect , plan
But stress no more
For tomorrow will come, already scribed
so Take Yo Time

Find peace in the chaos,
And bask in the now,  
For It doesn't matter where you stand
But advance forth
With high hopes and dreams
Happiness surrounds you, find it
and Take Yo Time

Blessings rain,
They wash your pain,
Nourishing your mind as you gain
Take it slow, as you spring forth
Feel the wind, beneath wings
so work with it, as you Advance

Taking Yo Time

10.05.16 : 10.22.17*


Finding Light in Darkness: A New-Found Perspective 

One year ago on this day, I went head to head with life, unfortunately, I didn’t win that battle. It is amazing how one split second can change someone's life.  Prior to this, I remember going through my usual pre-training routine: lacing up my boots, swaggering across the soft wrestling mats, hitting a few Dabs' in my glory, just being my usual Self. One moment - I was lively ‘doing my thing’ ... the next: I was on the ground, My ears sharply ringing, as I felt an overwhelming-compression in the head; the room was all of a sudden spinning. Just like that... I’d collided into a training partner. The rest is a blur…

2013 OFSAA Wrestling championships, Guelph ON  - Mathew McCarthy/The Record News

Wrestling is a sport unlike any, it's a fight, a battle that makes us warriors. As a Wrestler, your body is your 'hockey stick' - just as it is your baseball bat, it is your 'soccer ball', and also your 'helmet'. To wrestle, you need nothing else other than a strong/ fearless heart. During the process, we get cuts and bruises - but those go away over time. Besides, we take hits for a living. During combat: heads collide, when we fall - we rise, our ears swell with blood and we get them drained, whatever it is we just stitch it up and carry on. We do whatever it takes to become the best. The occasional wear and tear - comes and goes. It happens all the time and we fight through it. It's all part of the sport and it makes us Tough.

Concussed - as I sat down, I thought to myself:  “I've been here before. It’s nothing new. It should only take a couple of days to heal .” The days became weeks... The weeks became months and now a year. But I am Still breathing!

Up until this Injury, I’d spent the past 6/7 years either on the court, the pitch or in the gym. Soccer season geared me up for track and field, baseball gave me a second wind for Volleyball Nationals, and Football season was perfectly-timed because it prepared me just in time for wrestling. I am an Athlete. From one season to another, the grind never stopped. I made it work, I thrived on it. Even when I was injured, I spent my time in the weight room: training the body parts that weren’t hurt. Getting stronger. I embraced the grind & it had become second nature. On the contrary, during this time I took a few blows to the head and unfortunately they’d caught up to me.

The first months were tough, physically, mentally and spiritually. For the first time in so long - I wasn’t training for a championship, in the gym or chasing an accomplishment. For the first time I was sitting still, doing nothing.
Imagine sitting in a dark room, all alone with your thoughts, fighting the thought that someone else is training and getting better. Day and night - I reminisced. It was hard to watch my teammates train and improve without me. I recall so many times when I was tempted to negotiate with the doctor for an early medical clearance. But I’d be cheating myself. I had to starve my ego in order to heal and recover properly. I had to “rest” -  lay low and take it easy for a while. There were no shortcuts this time, no tape or ice-  just rest.
In doing such, I have come to the realization that the sometimes the very things that we perceive as setbacks - are in truth blessings in disguise. Opportunities for growth and farther self-discovery. This experience has proved to myself the strength which I hold to face adversity and gracefully finésse it into something rather positive & encouraging. During this time of recovery, I have learned to recognize beauty in the simpler things. Like family, friendships, unconditional love, and empathy. I have learned to properly exercise the values which I've developed through sports.  Although I am not chasing physical championships, I have to used this my time to serve others and to invest in ideas that benefit my community. This has also been an opportunity to step back and count my blessings. I have been able to bask & enjoy the well-deserved fruits of my labor, something that we often forget to acknowledge. In fact, it gives you more confidence to conquer oncoming challenges and endeavors.  Being away from action, I have been able to view the sport of wrestling from a bird’s eye view. I can see the bigger picture and it all makes sense. The gold is nothing objective, glory is eternal. It is beyond placing or podiums. It’s the stuff that carries-on into the life after / out side wrestling.

More than anything I am Very Thankful. Thankful for A LOT of things and I am appreciative of the people that have & continue to support me through this time: family, friends, teammates, coaches & mentors - the list goes on. Thank you for holdin’ it down!

CIS Wrestling Championships, St.Catharines ON 2016 - Jean Claude Mutuku / CIM

So one question remains. Am I done competition? retired? did I quit?  
Nope. I am not done yet. When that day comes, my official-retirement will be solely due to a Pulling-Influence rather than a Pushing-factor.
In fact, today I am more confident than I have ever been, the best is yet to come. This setback farther proves my conviction, vision, and purpose. I have yet to run my fastest , I haven’t lifted my heaviest and I am nowhere near my best performance yet. Up is the only way to go. As an athlete, I have learned the fact that: tension, rest, and nourishment bring forth growth and strength. On the same note, there is plenty of room improvement and I look forward to getting back at it!!

Moving forward my GOAL(S) remain the same but my approach and objectives are a lot simpler. I am sincerely -enjoying the process as I soak in my new-found appreciation for the spirit of sport. I aim to using my platform to inspire and to continue impacting people’s lives while I do what I love most - physical self-expression.  
I see improvement.
Until then, Let's keep it Positive :)

06.24.14 : 01.07.16*

“Valedictorian Address”

“The Future is Only As Bright As You Choose To Make It”